I come from a family of artistic souls.

As the daughter of an interior designer, I learned at an early age the profound effect space and surroundings can have on your thoughts, your moods, your life. I see creativity as a God-given gift ā€“ one that flowed from my grandmother, Mamie, in nearly every aspect of her life. Her paintings, drawings and handmade furnishings had such a strong influence on me. Iā€™m honored to be part of a legacy that embraces the imaginative spirit and creates beauty for the enjoyment of others ā€“ this is what I truly love doing.

To me, interior design & interior decorating are about uncovering the heart and soul of a person, a family, or a company, and then reinterpreting that essence in tangible, creative ways. I believe the aesthetics and emotional feel of a space are just as important as the functionality. Your living or working environment should provide inspiration and comfort, while supporting and facilitating your daily routine.

Katie Emmons is a licensed interior designer in Charlotte and professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). In addition to her interior design degree, Katie holds a uniquely intensive level of training and experience, which is required by the state of Texas for interior design licensing, where she began her career. These rigorous standards include attending a nationally accredited interior design program, completing a two-year internship with a licensed interior designer, passing a six-part architectural interior design exam (NCIDQ ā€“ National Council for Interior Design Qualification), and receiving approval from the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. Having established Katie Emmons Design in 1995 in Dallas, TX, Katie now lives in Charlotte, NC.